How to winterize your nails !!


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Dear friends ,

I am writing from chilled Bangalore , we are experiencing an unsual long winter period .
Anyhow, we have to take care of our skin , hair , and nails and stay beautiful as always !!
Here are my tips from mywinter care , I use vaseline petroleum jelly before i go to bed daily , it soothes the skin and leaves the moisture .

Over the weekend , i try

1 tbspn sea salt
1 tbspn vinegar
1 tbspn lime juice
1 tbspn herbal shampoo

Mix all the above in lukewarm water and dip your nail polish free palms in them .. after 15 min , u can use a normal hand scrub to exofilate ,
u can finish it up by applying moisturiser . File your nails properly before applying nail polish . And your are done !!

Few more tips :

Always go for non acetone polish removers
Apply moisturizers regularly before bed time
Massage nails and cuticles with oil before bath
Drink more water
Eat a protein rich diet , add more green
Wear kitchen gloves while doing dishes and while cleaning


Here is a brand new collection of Julep nail polish , which has wide range of colours .

Take care