15 things to do before you are 30 !!


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When you come across people who crossed 50, they would have a lot to suggest, like the things they wish they had done it when they were young . I have quoted 15 things which i think is important to do when you are still young and I am doing it .

  1. Lessen your drinking habits and QUIT smoking if you have
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Drinking and smoking is seriously not a habit one must have during their middle age . Its 100% guaranteed to cause health problems .

2. Exercise five days in a week


You need to exercise atleast 5 times a week.. Waking up early at 5 am would really help you have a clear vision on the day . Make sure you are an early person . I practice yoga five days in  a week . During weekend i go for long walks

3. Stop eating junk food


Once your college time is over , I would suggest its best to stop eating junk foods , especially carbonated drinks.  A person’s weight can go beyond control because of regular consumption of junk food .

4. Never go out without sunscreen lotion


Never go out in sun without Sun block , after your age 50 , your skin would start showing all the harmful results from sun rays . So its best to start protect your skin as early as possible .

5. Maintain good relationship with family and friends


Having your family and kin around you can really make a lot difference during hard times . Always maintain this , visit your family often  , and you need to stop concentrating on too many friends , Make friends who are worth holding for .

6. Start saving money


This is an important thing you need to do when you are in your mid 20s . Even if its a small amount, make a habit to save . i save 20 % of income monthly. So start from this month , have a savings account.

7. Be content with what you have


I dont agree that richness comes with the material thing we possess.  A simple life is more beautiful than  a life without having everything material and none to live in it . So i hope you make the most out of everything you possess right now and can  still be happy.

8. pursue your life goals


Its time you start striking out your to-do list. Make a journal to note down what you want to achieve at in career as well as for personal growth . Engage yourself into more proactive talks.

9. Buy a house


Investing on a house would really help you to sleep peaceful during your 50s

10. Learn to let go

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You need to know how to let go , this is one important thing which i need to concentrate , because i find it really hard to deal with my attachment syndrome . which has always took  to me a place of despair .

11. Get health checkup

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You need to have regular health check up done every six months , which would help you get your body in save mode . in take adequate amount of food and water  , stay fit .

12. Involve in active social service


Real happiness comes from giving than receiving , you need to have a try once . I started charity work when i was in high school. Helping the needy gave me some kind of happiness which i never got from any other way, hence i continued to do . GIVE More than you receive .

13. Be curious and do one thing that scares you every day


when you walk towards your fear , it will walk away from you . try to do one thing which scares the hell out of you and eventually you are a changed person .

14. Travel whenever you can


I heard someone say , travelling is food for your soul. try to explore more places around you . Have a savings account for travel , You need to find like minded people and make a travel group to explore . I recently visited Ooty , My next trip will be to Leh Ladakh.

15. Make memories

Memories are one’s priceless possession, i hope we all make good ones with our dear ones , Life can hard at times, but it doesnt matter when you are surrounded by people who support you in a way that you wouldnt get carried away with the pain you hold. So get out of your comfort zone . Make memories which lasts and put a smile on that face !!

Its time for me to rush to work ,

Take care folks