A sky full of stars in my room ..


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I always had affinity towards stars from childhood . One weekend , i had this weird idea of getting stars .. All I could think was readily available illuminating stars ..  Then , i thought why dont i try some DIY ..

All you need is some handmade paper of light colour , a star to trace  , Scissor , some glue tapes ..


Once you have the pieces , get a string of rice bulbs and hang it in room in whichever way you like it .. And paste those paper stars with the bulb ..

WP_20141012_035    Now light them .. and have a roof full of stars  .. Smile In the end , it looked like this ..


Have  you guys liked my new room ?? Let me know in comments .. and i will be happy to do more .. And if you have done something similar , Please tag me to have a look .

Till next post


Archana Smile