Cubicle Decoration Contest at work


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Hello guys Smile

This happened some months back at work .. We had a cubicle decoration contest .. And i had this idea to decorate with winter snowflakes .. But apparently , we ended up doing a cute one .. Check out the pictures below ..


Few other contestants were also there .. Like Rock band , Bug catchers by testing team etc ..


And our judge was a client who visited the same day . Somehow he found our cubicle the best .. “Something outside work ..” And we won Smile

Our theme was childhood memories .. He asked me why we chose this theme .. My reply was .. β€œAt one or other point in life , we all wish to go back our childhood .. ” He was impressed .. And we won !! Yaayy Smile

And that’s me below at my cubicle SmileΒ InstagramCapture_1b91caf9-7f0a-4c00-8872-036d67c015b3_jpg

Do you guys like it too ??

till next post


Archana Smile